Trading Policy

  • When T-Rex members transact with each other, it is an exchange between the advertiser (hereinafter referred to as “maker”) and the user with the advertisement (hereinafter referred to as “taker”) ). In which, the taker will be charged a fee of 0.5% of the transaction (the price shown includes the fee).
  • Maker-determined price by specifying the USD rate with the local currency multiplied by the price of the Digital Asset referenced on 3 other exchanges like Bitstamp, Bitfinex and Coinbase.vv or the price average of the world's major exchanges or you can specify the lowest price you want to sell and the highest price you want to buy, and there will be no interference from T-Rex. So maker will take full responsibility for his posted price.
  • Any evidence of fraud, intentional actions that are not in accordance with T-Rex regulations, use of inappropriate words, or intentional exploitation of errors will result in your account being locked. permanently if no clear reason is given and freeze all remaining balances. Each individual can only use one account during the use process, the remaining accounts of that individual will be permanently locked. Acts of intentionally creating multiple accounts from one person do not count as referrals.
  • In the course of your use of the services provided by this Website, the tax payable and all other costs are solely and entirely your own judgment and responsibility, without regard to the Company.
  • Trades older than 2 weeks (from the time the transaction was created to the current time) are not checked from the technical department.
  • A Digital Asset transaction is an irreversible transaction, so you need to check your payment information very carefully before completing the transaction or you can open a claim and ask for proof of transfer. account from the buyer. T-Rex always does its best to protect the interests of Users. However, it is you who are responsible first, so be very careful. T-Rex is obliged to pay into the Digital Asset wallet provided by the buyer after the transaction is successful, and all Digital Asset transactions are public on the nodes of the Digital Asset system globally, for example. Blockchain example (You can check your wallet on Blockchain by following instructions here). In case your wallet account has not been credited, you need to wait for some confirmations (depending on the wallet provider, usually 6 confirmations), you can ask the provider to check the transfer of Assets your number if the number of confirmations meets their requirements, and we are not responsible for any failure by your wallet provider to credit your account.
  • In a dispute transaction, T-Rex facilitates sellers and buyers to provide necessary evidence and information and settle through chat content. T-Rex support will intervene if there is no response from the opposite side after the time allowed for the transaction.
  • If you arise a dispute with other users as a result of online transactions, do not ask this Website to provide relevant documents by means other than judicial or administrative avenues.
  • Before you proceed to process the transaction, please get a timeline based on when the transaction was opened for dispute:
    If the buyer does not click “I paid” in the transaction details screen within 20 minutes, the transaction will be canceled automatically.
    If the buyer opens a claim for the transaction, the buyer is required to provide proof of the transfer, the seller must check and verify the transfer information as soon as possible. T-Rex support will call 2 times to remind the seller (in case the seller provides a verification phone number). After 12 hours, without any response from the seller, we will complete the transaction and release the Digital Asset to the buyer.
  • If the seller opens a claim for the transaction, the buyer is required to provide proof of transfer. The maximum allowed time for new user buyers (users with less than 5 successful transactions on T-Rex) is 1 hour, and for other buyers 6 hours. If there is no response within this time, the transaction will be canceled and the Digital Assets will be returned to the merchant seller.
    During the transaction complaint process, if you do not respond within 48 hours without providing a good reason, we will proceed to resolve the complaint based on the available data. At that time, the partner trading with you will enjoy the advantage.
  • The support team will close the complaint within 3 days (except in some special cases). If the buyer and seller of the Digital Asset transaction do not agree with the other side or the T-Rex, they have the right to open a complaint. Complaint transactions will be resolved by T-Rex's support team.
  • T-Rex support team resolves complaints by carefully evaluating trading conditions, proof of funds, transaction chats, user reputation, data other sent to us by our users and the data we collect as part of our privacy policy.
  • When the seller does not respond, we will resolve the buyer's claim if we trust the seller to have received a valid payment from the buyer. Conversely, if the buyer does not respond to the seller, we will resolve the claim based on the data provided by the seller.
  • Once the transaction is completed by the seller, the transaction cannot be appealed, reversed or altered.
  • Providing false information or documents during a claim or making false statements or attempting to force a certain outcome of a claim transaction is considered a breach of this agreement.
  • After logging in to trade this Website, a user conducts a transaction with another user through this Website.
    When you view transaction information at this website, be sure to read the entire content of the transaction information carefully, including but not limited to price, commission volume, procedure fee, purchase direction enter or sell. After you have completely received all the contents of the transaction information, you can press the button to proceed with the transaction.
  • After reviewing the transaction information and confirming that there are no errors, you can submit the transaction. After you submit a transaction entrustment, you authorize this Website to act on your behalf to mediate the respective transaction.
  • Before reaching the trust transaction, you have the right to cancel or modify the trust at any time.
  • We base on the safety and actual transaction situation to arrange and adjust the maximum daily withdrawal and transaction limit.
    If transactions are concentrated among a few registered users or excessive circumstances exist, our specialist team will evaluate and decide if they are suspicious;
  • In the case of suspicious transactions that we determine by our judgment, we may apply restrictive measures such as suspending the transaction, denying it, etc. , even if possible try to reverse the transaction and report it to the governing body, but will not notify you;
  • We reserve the right to refuse registration requests from persons from a region that do not conform to international anti-money laundering standards or who may be considered political figures. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any transaction at any time that we consider to be suspicious. But our doing this does not violate any of your obligations and responsibilities.